3D Rendering Services are the Backbone of Impressive Animation
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3D rendering services are the backbone of Impressive animation and movies

3D rendering services are the backbone of Impressive animation and movies

Have you ever wondered how your favorite video game or animation movie looks so real? How your movie makes the things so real is lively? You know that computer game programmer has played you some trick, but what is it? Let us tell you something about Computer 3D Rendering Services to end all your curiosity.

Computer 3D Rendering service is a computer graphics process, which automatically converts your 3D models into 2D images with the help of 3D rendering engines. Confused? Let us put it as simple for you then. 3D, as we all know, stands for 3-dimensional graphics, which carries lot more information than 2-dimensional graphics. A number of images are used to make any object seem real. The most important image parts are shapes, textures, surface, anti-aliasing, perspective, lighting and depth of field.

Different methods used for rendering services:

The programmers for 3D rendering services have used several different methods and often the specialized ones. Some are non-realistic while some others are of much more advanced nature

  1. Wireframe Models
  2. Scanline Rendering
  3. Ray tracing
  4. Radiosity

Types of 3D rendering: There are 2 main types of rendering which are as follows:

  • Real-time Rendering: It is especially used for interactive media such as games and simulations. The goal is to provide the maximum of information, which a person can see in a fraction of seconds. When the images are loaded as fast as 20 to 120 frames per second, it results in an illusion of movement. It makes games more interactive and engaging. With the recent increase in computer processing, has allowed for a higher degree of realism in video games using the latest techniques and software.


  • Non-Real Time / Offline Pre-Rendering: It helps to obtain the higher quality image using photo-realism techniques such as ray tracing or radiosity. It is especially used in feature films and videos where the quality is important and not the speed or movement. This basic method is applied in the digital media and artistic works. It is used by the designers to give effect to lightning, simulate rain, smoke, fog, dust etc. The computational cost is much greater in this case as the simulating process is of very complex nature.


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