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At Rayvat we understand the requirement of easy and quick medical claims settlement for the patients. When you are down and out with the medical procedures, you do not want to get into the hassles of medical claims. We provide quick solutions by way of prompt payment, reduced billing errors and maximum reimbursements. We assure you peace of mind.

We provide Medical Claims Services not only to individuals but to medical practitioners as well. At Rayvat we are aware of the fact that unresolved claims and slow self-paying patients can drain your medical practice. We help you get back on with the services quickly. While dealing with you on this aspect, we ensure that there remains a special relationship between the patient and the doctor. The medical collection issues do not hamper your practice as well as your relationship with your patients.  Choose us for a hassle free experience with medical claims.

Outsource your Medical claims to Rayvat to concentrate on and improve the quality of your core business areas like patient care.

Our medical claims outsourcing team works on high-end software that enables us to be scalable, versatile as well as adapt to any current billing software that you might be working on or help you migrate to any software that you might want to work on.

Our services are proven to help our clients maximize their productivity, profitability and revenue handling by working just as you’re in-house medical claims employee would do.

We have collaborated with several countries across the globe over the decade and have managed to provide a successful partnership.

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