3 Benefits of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

3 Benefits of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

The architectural Design industry has undergone a sea change with the advancement in technology especially that of 3D Architectural exterior rendering. Until a few years back, hand-drawn or printed drawings and views of the upcoming structures were shown to the clients and engineers. However, this has now changed with the introduction of the 3D exterior rendering services.

What is 3D Exterior Rendering Services?

3D exterior rendering services are the 3D view of the upcoming structure from the exterior. The renderings give the user the feeling that he is looking at the real photograph taken of the finished building or structure.

Benefits of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

• Flaw identification: It is very easy to detect flaws when you have a three dimensional perspective on it. In case of 2D drawings, you have views only from two angles, which make it difficult to find out any design flaws. In a 3D drawing, you can view the upcoming structure from all angles. Any flaws detected are corrected at the design stage itself saving time and money.

• Better communication to the client: When there are differences between what the client requires and what the architect understands, the project gets delayed. In the case of CAD Drafting Services that were manually created, any changes could be brought about only after new drawings were made. However, in case of 3D exterior rendering, clients can simply view the drawing and make the changes there and then. This also helps the architects in understanding what the client requires.

• Better scalability of projects: Project developers can use 3D exterior rendering services to showcase their upcoming structures to the clients. This way they can increase the scalability of their projects. Contact us Rayvat Group For any queries regarding 3D Exterior Rendering Services then please email us at info@rayvat.com