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What is the importance of days outstanding in accounts receivable management Services ? Days outstanding is the average length of time that it takes for any organisation to collect the payment from its debtors. The higher the days outstanding the longer it takes for any organisation to receive the payment. If day outstanding is high, then it equates to poor cash flow and has an adverse effect on the business. Without the proper cash-in-hand it makes it very difficult to operate any business.

The next things any organisation can face are having a hard time paying the bills and making payroll. The average day outstanding will vary depending on organisation business nature, but one should always focus on cash needs in order run the show. Orgainsation credits policy, payment terms, and ability to follow-up on past due account will have a huge impact on the days outstanding. End of the day make sure business is in a good cash position by lowering the days outstanding.

Unique Accounts Receivables Management Services to Suit Your Requirements

Rayvat Outsourcing is an accounts receivable outsourcing firm which can help companies by easing the accounts receivable services. Partnering with the firm can provide companies with access to manpower and resources which will help in the collection of outstanding payments. We as Accounts Receivable Company helps to company as per client Requirement. account receivable services is part of Small Business Accounting services.

We will handle all your accounting requirements. Accounting requirements includes data entry (i.e. cash entry, credit card entry & banks entry), and bank reconciliations. We are also well-known accounts receivables specialist. Our other services also include accounts payabls, payroll services, month end closing and reporting. Because of outsourcing work, your company can focus all their energy on growing the business rather than worrying about the accounting aspects. account receivable management services helps you in manage your Business Account Receivable Services.

Benefits of Outsourcing accounts receivable management services

  • Better cash-flow Improve productivity and services
  • Reduces bad debts that result in increasing firm’s profit
  • Higher availability of cash to invest
  • Help in securing financial protection
  • Reduce the overhead cost include the wages and other indirect cost
  • Confidentiality of data to ensure better security
  • Minimize delinquencies and bad debt

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