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Highest Quality Work Only At Rayvat


quality Outsource Accounting ServicesAt Rayvat, we pride ourselves on quality. We have invested in the best of the best professionals as well as technology to work on our projects.

For us, the key to our success is the quality of our work. We will not compromise on our quality under any circumstance.

Our high-end servers are able to seamlessly integrate a large amount of data in a very short span of time. Our experienced employees see to it that the data that is processed by us is exactly in line with your requirements as well as error free.

We even offer a free trial run for you to gauge the quality of our services before you decide to work with us. Contact us with your requirements, you would not be disappointed.

Building and Maintaining Client Relationships


quality Outsource Accounting Services

We do not believe in one-off work relationships. For us, at Rayvat, we believe in truly partnering with our clients. We not only take on their accounting and financing needs but using our decade of experience working with clients from across the country, we offer in-depth analysis and suggestions for their growth and betterment.

After all, if there is a growth in our client’s business, there would be a growth in over business too. We believe in growing together while supporting each other through the trials and tribulations that are bound to come up.

We have a free trial offer for our clients to gauge how and what is the kind of services that will get. Along with that, they also got to understand our work methodology as well as we get to understand their requirements.

We also focus on after sales services wherein if any of our clients face any issues with the work done by us, it would be dealt with as early as possible.

Offering 100% quality services

quality Outsource Accounting Services

We have in place an excellent customer service Guarantee to serve you in the best way possible.Along with this guarantee, we have in place a strong after sales service force that would assist you with any problem arising out of any of our services.

Our service Guarantee includes:

  • 24 x 7 accessibility
  • Fast response time
  • Real-time data access
  • Cost effective and error-free

Our major aim is to help you succeed by focusing on the core business areas while outsourcing noncore but extremely important areas to us. Unlike other outsourcing firms, we believe in truly partnering with our clients. The services mentioned on our website are not very rigid, if you have any other requirement, feel free to contact us and we will do our best or customize our services so that they are a right fit for you.

Giving Back the Cost Advantage

quality Outsource Accounting Services

Even though we are a leading accounting services outsourcing firm, our main aim continues to remain that of creating services that best suit our client’s needs.

We understand as a client there are two things you would be focusing on while making a decision to outsource your work: quality and cost-effectiveness. At Rayvat, we strive our best to offer you the best of both.

Our technologies help us process a huge amount of data in a very short span of time, which effectively means that the more amount of data we process together, the more benefits we will receive in terms of cost. And whatever costing advantage we receive, we believe in passing it on to our clients. After all, a satisfied client is more important to us than anything else!

Our Passion For Accounting Is What Drives Us

quality Outsource Accounting Services

Rayvat employees are a bunch of detail-oriented perfectionists who love numbers. Nothing makes us happier than to see balance. We pride ourselves on working with accuracy as well as efficiency. Each member of our team is deeply connected to the field of accountancy and finance and are highly efficient and have their own unique specialties and skill sets. We are down to earth and respect each individual, be it an individual or a client.

Get you Business Accounting Services with RAYVAT, you will have significant serenity understanding that your funds are in safe hands. We truly esteem the targets of our every single independent venture customer and are persistently looking for progressive techniques to save assets, downsize impose commitments, and consistently stay with your running flawlessly.

At Rayvat, customer satisfaction is the core of all our activities. We take this into consideration while taking any decision or commencing any work. Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics are the three pillars on which we base the pedestal of our work.

We learn from our experiences, turning each experience into knowledge. We love it when challenges are thrown towards us, at it gives us the added drive to innovate and think out of the box to come up with unique solutions.

Steps we undertake to ensure your Data Security

quality Outsource Accounting ServicesWhen we undertake accounting and financial work, we understand that we are dealing with very confidential data. In order to maintain the confidentiality of your data, we have in place various standards and processes to maintain the security and safety of your data.

We store each client’s data separately. Which helps us not only segregate the data of each client, it also ensures that the each client’s data has individual safety and security measures. as well as no unauthorized access happens.

Along with this, we also have the facility of restricted access. Which means that if you feel your data is highly sensitive in nature, you could choose what level of the employee will be able to view what proportion of data.

Rayvat’s USP

At Rayvat we specialize in outsourcing Accounting and Financial Services. We are a team led by a certified chartered accountant with a decade of experience dealing with accounting and financing of companies of various scales across the Globe.

We work on various accounting software like MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and SaaSu to give you an option to choose from which is the best and the most suitable option for you. We even help you convert your previous data into a few format if required.

Along with this, we assist you in preparing reports in the format as accepted in your country. Our main aim is that any report/data/ document that leaves our premises should be in the exact format yet you require, error-free and in compliance with the accounting standards and taxation formats of your company.

Doing The Right Thing

quality Outsource Accounting Services

Any decision that we take, is taken keeping in mind the ethics and the integrity of the firm. For us, if there was ever a time that we had to choose between losing a business or being ethical, we would choose to be ethical.

We believe that if the business is not ethical, then it loses out on consumer trust. Any business that is obtained unethically, will result in a short-term increase in profitability.

At Rayvat, more than the profits, our lookout is customer satisfaction. We know that the only way to gain this precious trust and make our clients come back, again and again, is by making all the decisions keeping in mind our strong ethical values and performing our tasks with complete integrity and honesty.

Best Industry Rates at the Highest Quality

quality Outsource Accounting ServicesRayvat’s accounting services work on an attractive rate of 7$ an hour. Considering the quality of our work, this is the most affordable rates in the market. Get in touch with us.

We will advise you on the best accounting packages available to streamline your business in accordance with the current trend of your industry. We guarantee that our pricing will be the most cost-effective and profitable to you.

When you consider our expertly crafted documents that are error-free, we guarantee your expectations will be exceeded by our work. If you feel that you have a different kind of a need that feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to create custom bookkeeping service package for your business and you can avail a custom pricing too.

Shortest Response Time To All Your Queries

quality Outsource Accounting Services

Accounting and financials are a very crucial aspect of your business. It is important to submit the reports on time in order to avoid any tax or regulation implications.So we understand that anytime you contact us, there would be an urgent need of yours.

Which is why, in order to serve you in a better way and make the outsourcing process smoother, we have developed a stringent system wherein no matter what your query, we will revert to you within 24 hours.

We operate 24 x 7 every day, so irrespective of the difference in time zones, we will help you out and respond to your contacts as early as possible, that is our guarantee!

Get the Added Advantage of Panorama of Services

quality Outsource Accounting Services

Over the years, India has successfully emerged as a leading outsourcing destination. Rayvat founders were one of the first to forecast this trend and decided to ride the wave of creating an outsourcing firm, having subsidiaries catering to various different requirements.

Being a subsidiary of an outsourcing firm Rayvat, we can offer you not only outsourcing but a bouquet of services that are offered by our sister concerns as well.

Now you need not need to visit various different outsourcing firms and deal with the headache of working with different companies, compiling all the data, dealing with various formats, with Rayvat, you can get it all done at one place efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively.

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    finding the right outsource partner is imperative as the success or the failure of the process depends on the quality of work provided by the outsourcing firm. In order for you to get a taste of our services, before investing in us, we offer a four hours trial absolutely free of cost. This would enable us to gauge your business and requirements while at the same time you get to know our work.


    Only outsourcing services are a thing of past, we believe in truly partnering with you and growing our businesses together.


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    Case Studies

    We have successfully handles finance and accounting of firms across the world, and have prepared case studies accordingly.