Outsource OCR Cleanup Processing Services to India
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OCR or optical character recognition has been increasingly used in the market because of the demand for faster data entry. The OCR technique involves the capturing of raw data from images that are stored in the Unicode or ASCII formats. The OCR reader keeps storing data that is read from the OCR sheets. However, during the process, there are chances that errors may occur. Therefore, the OCR cleaning up is required to bring inaccuracy.

We, at Rayvat, provide superior OCR cleanup processing to our clients from across the world. Using advanced technology and highly trained and experienced professionals, we provide accurate OCR cleanup processing services. We provide cost-effective solutions to our partners.

With our OCR cleanup services you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Lost data can be retrieved
  • Misread data and errors can be rectified
  • 98 percent level of accuracy can be attained

When you choose us for the OCR cleanup processing we provide useable data in a format that is most suitable for your company.

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