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Rayvat works on various accounting softwares, but most of our work is done on XERO, MYOB, Quickbooks and SAASU. We assist you in both, setting up your accounts as well as migrating your existing accounts in any of these softwares. Based on your requirements and the size of your business, you could choose which software could best cater to your needs.

Most businesses in Australia use MYOB to manage their accounts. MYOB offers desktop, browser, cloud and web based accounting solutions, making this user friendly, robust and scalable. Or you could choose to work with SAASU and have the flexibility to view, edit and generate reports from anywhere. If you are in a business in which you have to travel a lot, this software is for you. SAASU also offers restrictive viewing feature which makes you in control of who views what part of your data,, thus ensuring your security.

Xero is another software that is widely accepted. In this, along with the accounting and bookkeeping functions, you even have the option to email your invoices and statements to third parties, as well as upload bank statements into your software.

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