What to expect from firms offering BAS Preparation Services?

What to expect from firms offering BAS Preparation Services?

BAS or Business Activity Statement is an essential document that needs to be filled by business owners in Australia. However, due to the complexity of the document that calculates your tax liability and a shortage of time at the hands of business owners, it becomes imperative to appoint an experienced agent or service that provides Business Activity Statement Australia. It is also recommended to have an experienced company offering the BAS Preparation Services because you need to file the statement on time. Any delay in filing the statement can lead to penalties and additional liabilities.

There are several firms that offer BAS preparation services but not all are experienced or well versed with the complete requirements of Business Activity Statement Australia. Rayvat Accounting is one firm that offers a complete solution for BAS preparation services. If you are unsure of what are the requirements of your business, you can contact Rayvat to get the best services.

BAS Preparation Services include the following:

  • Preparation of Business Activity Statements from business data
  • Electronic lodging of the Business Activity Statements
  • Preparation of Employee Payment Summaries and Installment Activity Statements
  • Personalized advice on BAS provisions
  • Management of financial data files
  • Preparation of reports for business tax returns

Being an experienced firm providing Accounting Services since long, Rayvat understands your requirements. Having skilled, trained and experienced professionals, it provides services that give you peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.