Why should you Outsource the Data Center?

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Center Services

Large enterprises are always faced with the problem of utilizing their resources to the fullest capacity so that they are not losing out anything. With the growth of the enterprises and thereby the increase in the data generated requires additional resources to store, analyze, assess and secure this data. More and more companies are finding it better to Outsourcing Data Center Services and the resulting demand for data centers has created a hub for these centers in many countries.

Data Center Outsourcing Companies have huge spaces for the data centers. They provide a variety of benefits to the large enterprises and companies. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Mitigation of risk: When Outsourcing Data Center Services, the risk of data loss is mitigated as there is a distance between the company’s headquarters and the data center. In case of a natural disaster or any other event such as fire or flood, the two facilities being separate would safeguard the data.

A speed of Delivery: Data center outsourcing companies provide an unlimited inventory of power and space. This ensures flexible expansion options and growth to companies. The data centers that were earlier built or upgraded took almost two years to complete. But now with the advanced techniques and availability of large space and power inventory, the time to occupancy of a new data center has come in two to four months.

Tax Incentives: Outsourcing data center services also bring in tax benefits as the leading markets for data centers offer tax incentives like sales tax breaks, relief from tax on IT gear, tax benefits for the creation of jobs and other such incentives. These benefits are not available in the secondary markets and even if the company decides to build an in-house data center.

Power at discounted Costs: Data centers have the largest cost component by way of power. Large-scale data centers consume power on a large scale, which gives them a chance to negotiate with the public utility companies. As compared to having a data center in-house, the power cost in an Outsourced Data Center may to 40 to 60 percent lesser.